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Lw organized international exchanges
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*organized international exchanges

In the 1980’s and 1990’s, Lw received numerous delegations from abroad, organized a large number of seminars for which international speakers were invited and arranged visits of foreign delegations to Chinese companies. Starting from 2002, however, Lw has led a large number of Chinese delegations to attend international conferences and exhibitions and to visit plants abroad. Furthermore, Lw has encouraged and organized Chinese companies, research institutes and universities to present their research papers at international conferences and to submit papers to international journals.

The contacts that Lw has established include those in Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Israel, the US, Canada, Australia, Sweden, the UK, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Belgium. Lw-led delegations visited companies and exhibitions in Korea,Japan, theUS,Canada,Germany,Italy, theNetherlands,BelgiumandSweden.

The international conferences attended are as follows:

- International Aluminum Extrusion Technology Seminar & Exposition (2004 inOrlando, 2008 inOrlandoand 2012 inMiami). During the events in 2008 and 2012, the conference organizer arranged the official meetings of the Chinese delegates with the officials of the American Extruders Council (AEC). At the conferences in 2004 and 2012, Mr. Zitao Wang gave oral presentations and led the Chinese delegates to visit companies in theUSandCanada, arranged by the conference organizer. In 2006, Lw received a delegation from the Aluminum Extruders Council, composed of 26 members including those from extrusion and equipment manufacturers inNorth America.


Lw-led Chinese delegations attending the International Aluminum Extrusion Technology
Seminars and Expositions in 2004, 2008 and 2012


Oral presentations of Mr. Zitao Wang at the International Aluminum Extrusion Technology
Seminars and Expositions in 2004 and 2012


Exchange of conference proceedings between Lw and the American Extruders Council


Lw-accompanied delegation from the American Extruders Council during visits to Chinese companies


Lw-led delegations during visits to Granco Clark and Hydro in theUS


Lw-led delegations during visits to Almag Aluminum inCanada, Oilgear in theUSand TRUEX Tool & Die in theUS

The 141st TMS (TMS(Minerals, Metals & Materials)Annual Meetings, Orlando, March 11-15, 2012

-The 5th and 7th World Congress Aluminum Two Thousand (2003 inRomeand 2011 inBologna). At the event in 2011, an oral presentation of Zitao Wang and Jie Zhou was given. Lw organized a delegation to attend the event in 2011 and visited companies inItalyand other European countries.


Lw-led delegations at the 5th and 7th World Congresses Aluminum Two Thousand

The ALEX 2007 European Aluminum Extrusion Conference (2007 inEindhoven). At this event, an oral presentation of Zitao Wang and Jie Zhou was given, entitled Developments and Challenges of the Chinese Aluminum Extrusion Industry


Participation in and presentation at the ALEX2007 European Aluminum Extrusion Conference.

The international exhibitions visited include the following:

-Aluminum World Trade Fair and Conference (2004, 2006 and 2008 inEssen,Germany). In 2006 and 2008, Lw organized Chinese delegations to visit the exhibition and visit companies inEurope. During the event in 2008, Mr. Zitao Wang gave an oral presentation on China Aluminum Industry.

- Aluminum 2003 (inSan Diego,USA)


Lw-led delegation at the Aluminum World Trade Fair inGermany, oral presentation
at the conference in 2008 and at the trade show booth of Zhongwan Aluminum Group.


At the Aluminum World Trade Fair in Germany, from the left to the right, meeting with the exhibition organizer,
at the booth of China Aluminum Group, at the booth of Surrise Aluminum Co. and at the booth of Shenhuo Group


Lw-led delegations during visits to Hydro inBelgium, an extrusion company inGermanyand Otto Junker inGermany

The exchange visits that Lw organized include:

- Visits to Korea Non-Ferrous Metal Association, Korea Institute of Science andTechnology,Korea-ChinaAdvancedMaterialsCooperationCenterand 9 companies in 2002. Lw organized a delegation of 23 members.


Lw-led delegations during the visit to Korea Institute of Science and Technology in 2002 and Lw-accompanied visit of a delegation from Korea Institute of Science and Technology to South China University of Technology

Visits to Sapa Group inSwedenand a Sapa plant in theNetherlandsin November 2002. Lw organized a delegation of 9 members. In 2002, 2007 and 2008, Lw received the top management of Sapa Group and arranged their visits to a number of companies inGuangdongprovince.


Lw-led delegation during the visit to Sapa Group inVetlanda,Swedenand meeting with Sapa top management

In the recent 10 years, Lw has made 13 foreign trips, of which Lw organized 8 delegations with a total of 115 members. Mr. Zitao Wang has given 6 oral presentations.


From the left to the right, meeting of Mr. Zitao Wang with the president of American Extruders Council, president of American Aluminum Association, Dr. Yunrong Zheng of Korea Institute of Science and Technology, chairman of the European Aluminum Association, Prof. Wenju Pan, vice president of China Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Association, and Mr. Ruhai Lin, deputy managing director of Antaike.

In addition, Mr. Wang has the following publications in International Journals (Light Metal Age, International Aluminum Journal, Aluminum Times, Aluminum Extrusion, Aluminum International Today, APT and A & L:

-The Chinese aluminum extrusion industry

-Domestic market demands for aluminum extrusions inChinaand opportunities for global suppliers

-China’s aluminum industry

- 60 yeas of the Chinese aluminum industry in retrospect

-Increasing domestic market demands as the main driver for the sustained development of the Chinese aluminum industry in the past and in the future

-China’s aluminum industry at present and its prospects for the future

- Increasing domestic market demands as the main driver for the sustained development of the Chinese aluminum industry in the past and in the future

-Aluminum consumption and aluminum extrusion industry inChina

- An update on the developments ofChina’s aluminum industry

Furthermore, Lw recommended the following papers to be published in international journals and conference proceedings:

-The characteristics of dispersoid precipitation of Al-Mg-Si alloy ingot during homogenization treatment (Light Metal Age, 2011)

-Research on the quench sensitivity of aluminum alloys used for rail vehicle (Light Metal Age, 2012)

-Effect of strengthening solution - aging processing on microstructures and properties of H755 Aluminum Alloy (Proceeding of ET 2012)

-Application of the numerical simulation technology in aluminum profiles extrusion production (Proceedings of ET 2012)

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