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Lw organized 28 seminars on aluminum extrusion technology
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      Lw organized 28 seminars on aluminum


                 extrusion technology


In the 1990’s, many small- and medium-sized aluminum extrusion companies were established, mostly in Guangdongprovince, which significantly increased the private sector participation inChina’s aluminum extrusion market. At that time, there was a strong need to promote technological exchanges and to enhance the overall level of the industry. Under these circumstances, the first seminar on aluminum extrusion technology organized by Lw under the umbrella of the Light-Metal Branch of the Non-Ferrous Metal Processing Industry Association of China was held inGuangzhouin 1992. Ever since then, a total of 28 seminars have been organized by Lw. Unarguably, these events have contributed towards defining the prominent role of technology in the growth of China’s aluminum extrusion industry and helped the developments and implementations of aluminum extrusion technology, as well as die technology and surface treatment technology.       

-       March 1996, a seminar on surface quality inspection technology for extruded and surface-treated aluminum extrusions

-       September 1996, a seminar on domestic and international surface treatment technologies

-       December 1996, a seminar on extrusion die technology

-       June 1997, a series of seminars on aluminum anodizing, including those on the defects of anodized aluminum extrusions and prevention measures

-       July 1997, seminars on extrusion surface defects as a system engineering problem and on the coloring technologies for aluminum extrusions

-       March 1997, a seminar on architectural windows, doors and curtain walls

-       March 1997, a seminar on aluminum extrusion technology

-       July 1997, a seminar on the inspection and standards of colored aluminum extrusions

-       October 1998, a seminar on extrusion die technologies

-       June 1999, a seminar on extrusion and die technologies

In addition to the seminars for which Chinese experts in particular fields were invited, international experts were invited to introduce the state-of-the-art to the Chinese extrusion industry, such as the experts from Wagner, Germany (August 1997), Gema, USA (February 1997), and Nordson, USA (July 1998). The other seminars with presentations by international speakers include those on electrophoresis coating technology (September 1999), European aluminum surface treatment technology and agents (November 1999) and aluminum extrusion surface sand-blasting technology developed and used abroad (December 1999).

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