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Lw Outlook of China’s Aluminum Industry
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Lw Outlook of China’s Aluminum Industry


China’s aluminum industry has been rapidly developed from a weak foundation in recent 30 years, which is attributed largely to the huge domestic market with a large population, as well as a favorable political and economic climate.China’s primary aluminum output now accounts for over 40% of the world’s total.Chinahas significantly contributed to the growth of the aluminum industry in the world, especially in recent years. However,Chinastill has a long way to go to catch up with the developed countries in aluminum technology, aluminum processing technology in particular.China’s aluminum industry is now facing new challenges in the global market. To turn these challenges into opportunities,China’s aluminum industry needs to strengthen its technological capabilities, invest in research, development and innovation, join forces across the industry and with academia and research institutes, and take a system approach to developing and implementing new technologies, as well as to developing new products.    

Lw is willing to work closely with aluminum companies individually and collectively to speed up technological upgrading, broaden the applications of aluminum products and improve services to end users.     

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