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Biography of the founder of Lw – Zitao Wang
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Biography of the founder of Lw – Zitao Wang


Lw was founded by Mr. Zitao Wang who was born in Shanghaiin January 1940. In 1962, Mr. Wang started his professional life in connection with aluminum, when he served the Harbin 101 Plant (Northeast Light Metal Co. Ltd.). With over 50-year experience in the aluminum industry, Mr. Wang is a seasoned expert and independent consultant, serving individual aluminum plants acrossChinaandChina’s aluminum industry as a whole. 


Area of interest:

processing and application of aluminum and aluminum alloys


Main achievements:

-       Development of a new grain refiner (Al-Ti-B wires) – 1970

-       Development of casting tools for aluminum alloy castings with a diameter up to 1 meter (1976)

-       Development of same-level, hot-top casting technology for aluminum alloy logs (1986)

-       90 publications (16 articles published in international journals and conference proceedings)

-       30 presentations at conferences (6 presentations at international conferences abroad)

-       Leading 8 delegations (a total of 115 delegates) to attend international conferences/exhibitions and to pay visits to plants inJapan,Korea, Europe andNorth America)


Educational and work experience:

1962            graduated from Central South Institute of Mining (nowCentralSouthUniversity)

1962-1982  worked as a technician and later as an engineer at Northeast Light Metal Co. (the 101 Plant)

1982-2000  worked at an engineer, senior engineer, workshop manager, deputy plant manager of Guangdong Non-Ferrous Metal Processing Co.,Guangzhou, as well as the chairman of technology association of the plant

2000            retired

1995-2009  chaired the Processing Committee of the Guangdong Non-Ferrous Metals Society

1999-2009  edited and published “Lw New Aluminum Processing Technology Bulletin” (a total of 120 issues containing 986 articles)

1980-2006  organized (on-site) technological training (a total of 10 trainings)

2000-           organized seminars and symposiums (a total of 28 events) 

2000-           provided technological materials (a total of 200 assignments)

2000-           received international and cross-regional delegations (a total of 29 delegations)

2001-2010 organized Lw Aluminum Profile Technology Seminar & Exposition (namely 2001, 2004, 2007 and 2010), collected 754 articles in conference proceedings and arranged 72 trade show booths at each event

2013            organizing Lw 2013 Aluminum Profile Technology Seminar and Exposition

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